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JW3 Trust

Working with Time to Spare has been an absolute game changer... We now utilise Time to Spare in nearly every aspect of our work.

Our work is more efficient now and this allows us to spend more time on the really important thing, helping our recipients. The team at Time to Spare have been so helpful and responsive and made the whole process simple from start to finish. Thank you Time to Spare!

Jacob Forman
JW3 Trust

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  • April Ludgate

    2 days ago - 12/01/21 01:05pm

    Fresh food
    Cupboard items

    April has lost her paid internship at the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department and so suddenly has no money.

  • Li'l Sebastian 🚨 URGENT 🚨Food and Stuff

    2 days ago - 12/02/21 01:05pm

    Fresh food
    Cupboard items
    Shopping volunteer

    Customer is a horse - does not have neighbours/family to go food shopping. He said he has no carrots.

  • Ron Swanson JJ's Diner

    a month ago - 12/01/21 01:05pm

    Fresh food
    Cupboard items
    Shopping volunteer

    Is currently shielding in his woodworking shop. He needs support picking up prescriptions from the GP.

  • Chris Traeger Pawnee Food Bank

    a month ago - 12/01/21 01:05pm

    Fresh food

    Very health conscious. Would exclusively like vegetables, especially mushrooms.

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