Time to Spare
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Time to Spare

Run your organisation in the open

We help VCS organisations keep in touch with their users and the people who fund them

Built for
A CRM that lets you share your impact directly with the people who fund you. A CRM that lets you know more about your users.
A CRM that is easy to use and works the way you work. A CRM that lets you get more out of your data without you having to put more in.
BUILT to be...
A CRM that helps you share knowledge within your organisation and with other organisations. A CRM that helps you find funders and funders find you.

Never fill out a questionnaire again

Auto-generate reports from your use of the software. This means come reporting time, you can just share your data with the people that fund you. No more questionnaires, no more forms - just lots more time to spend helping the people you are set up to help.

Understand your impact

Get real time reports on the demographics of your users, how engaged they are and how satisfied they are. Compare your impact with previous months and break your users down by location and category.

Keep your funders in the loop

Share all the reports you see with your funders. Let them know what you know when you know it. Build a transparent relationship with your funders that increases your confidence in each other.

Sound good?

Make running your organisation easier

Find things on a map

See who you're working with

Get a full history

Share your events calendar

Search for anything

Stop worrying about GDPR

Make reports automatically from your info

Sound good?

Then share your work with your community

Find similar organisations

Based on your users, your projects and your location, we match you to similar organisations. You can share resources, advice and get personalised recommendations for funders.

community map demo with info on quality of match

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Sound good?
PS, if you're worried about the cost, it's probably free...