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programme more effectively

For commissioners partnering with their local community to deliver better outcomes for residents and save money

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Partnering with the voluntary sector doesn’t have to be a purchasing and administrative nightmare

Easily manage your engagement with the voluntary sector

Identify and evaluate local providers

Have an accurate, up-to-date view of all the relevant voluntary services you could commission and standardised KPIs to evaluate them.

Manage your providers throughout your programme

Manage all your applications, contracts and reports from one place. Track KPIs linked to payments. Easily and accurately determine what you owe.

Maximise the effectiveness of your programme

Make sure your residents have accurate information about your programme with up-to-date maps, service directories, calendars and more.

Monitor the resiliency of your programme

Accurate data you can trust to monitor the effectiveness of each provider. Standardised reports mean you can easily see what is going on across your programme.

Improve your programme effectiveness

Unlock new insights from your programme data. Identify trends, highlight key providers, and analyse referral pathways. See exactly who is turning up and make sure they get the help they need.

We’ve helped commissioners and funders engage with hundreds of charities

London Borough of Camden

“The partnership between Time to Spare, London Borough of Camden, and the local VCS is mutually beneficial. The local VCS benefit from a simplified referral system and data insights that are informing next steps in local food provision. This way of working helps London Borough of Camden to ensure that the overall borough response is joined up.”

Phillip Vaughan
Covid-19 Community Response and Strategy Lead, London Borough of Camden

We connect directly into the daily operations of charities giving you more data that is more reliable straight from the frontline

Have an accurate real-time view of what is going on in your programme

OutcomesService ListBeneficiariesAttendancesWhat services are available?Who is accessing them?What are they attending?How are they helped?AbdulSophieJustinJackFatimaPostcodeAfter-school ClubFood BankJobLaw Centreregisters hisbooks anattends agets ais referred toTime to Spare

Deliver your programme more effectively

Driven by actionable insights into your programme and the residents you support

Better resident outcomes

Faster, preventative outcomes before crisis hits

Reduced costs

Residents access programmes through charities, not contact centres

Better referrals

Programme referrals through the voluntary sector

Improved resident support

Increased awareness of at-risk residents and areas of need

Swifter action

Faster identification and response to trends

More accurate targeting

Use charities to get your programme in front of the right, at-risk audiences

Allow charities to focus on what they do best

We streamline their administrative and financial arrangements, allowing charities to focus on what they do best: delivering support

and so much more...

Safe, secure and easy to use

Secure Collaboration

Easily manage sharing across teams and organisations with seamless permissions

Accessibility Built In

Built to WGAC standards and can be used on mobile and tablet

Encrypted Data

All your data is encrypted so you can sleep easy

Setup In Minutes

Quickly setup a programme at the click of a button

Data In Seconds

No more data lost in corrupted excel files or buried under emails

Insights In Moments

Start gathering insights from the moment you're setup

And if you do have questions, unlimited onboarding and support is included for free